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RUDOLF DETHU : 1997-2009: The Early Years, Blood,

There are so many rules in the country of Indonesia.
Firstly, the government gives you laws. Secondly, your religion threatens you, with heaven and hell. Thirdly your parents ban you from doing anything cool. While at school, you are dictated to about doing the right thing, and being the right person. Even worst, musicówhich is supposed to be about freedom and wild imaginationópresses you with oh-so many doís and doníts: give the people what they want, follow the trends, change your lyrics, reconstruct your look, this, that, no, yes, right, wrong, Öphew.

But Superman Is Dead have never been, are not, and (I believe) wonít be like soldiers under command, or obey regulations. Bobby Kool, Eka Rock and JRX have always chosen their own paths, since day one. Some suit the rules, some donít. And they donít care. They dress up and drink, shout and scream, play instruments carelessly, sing pretty badly, do whatever they believe, do whatever their heart tells them to.

Yet again, in this country, it isnít easy to be independent. To be who you are is basically to go against the nation. Meaning not much support from (mainstream) media. Not much trust from the label/music professionals. Not enough backup from the scene. The decision by the Kuta trio to do it their own way was not a wise decisionónot to be a weakass Indonesian band, especially. (In case you donít know, in the local scene, "weakass" equals "normal" or "flexible" or "market oriented"). The road had become more rockier because of the flag they flew. Itís been a long, exhausting, winding road. Blood, sweat and tears. But these three broke young men didnít give up. They had already been in the scene far too long. The only option left was to move forward. They stepped forward. Carrying hopes and loud guitars. And beer.

Here they are today, having become the biggest punk rock band in Indonesia. Maybe the biggest band in Indonesia in the very near future. Maybe not. But thatís not the point. You should understand by now, the main point here is to stay true, to stick to what you believe in. Or in Superman Is Dead case: to stay badass.

To stay badass, bitch.

First manager, beer buddy, propagandist

Track List
1. Old World
2. Get In Touch
3. Kuta Rock City
4. Hanya Hari Ini
5. Lady Rose
6. Bukan Pahlawan
7. Pulang
8. Jika Kami Bersama

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