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SID video @ Warped Tour San Fransisco!
Dear all,
Terima kasih untuk segala energi positif dan support nya, hari ini SID sudah melalui hari ke 3 di Vans Warped Tour dan semua berjalan dengan lancar. Here's a little 'oleh-oleh' for t...  |   |  

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Coverse Meets Superman Is Dead.
It is an exclusive endorsement contract between Superman Is Dead and Converse brand.

The brand enters its second century by honoring its heritage of seeing things a little differently, lovin...  |   |  

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Interview with Rolling Stone Indonesia (Original)
Sebenarnya kita bukan band Asia pertama yang tampil di Warped Tour. SID adalah band Asia kedua, tapi kita adalah band Asia pertama yang walaupun tidak merilis album di Amerika tapi tampil di Warped To...  |   |  

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Making Scenes: Reggae, Punk, and Death Metal in 19
A Book from Emma Baulch.248 pages (December 2007) 12 illustrations.
In 1996, Emma Baulch went to live in Bali to do research on youth culture. Her chats with young people led her to an enormou...  |   |  

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SID Wakili Asia di Vans Warped Tour
Superman Is Dead (SID) akan manggung di 16 kota di Amerika, dalam rangkaian tour 'From Bali With Rock' dan 'Warped Tour 2009' pada 12 Juni hingga 9 Juli. Vokalis SID Bobby Kool di Jakarta, Selasa (19/...  |   |  

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Press Release SID USA Tour
SUPERMAN IS DEAD ROCK-A-BALI AMERICAN TOUR 2009: Untuk Musik & Attitude Yang Selama Ini Terabaikan.
Dengan harapan setinggi matahari dan kerja keras tiada henti, SID akhirnya berhasil mewujudkan...  |   |  

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by Matt Wilson
Bali, a place of immense beauty, dirt, chaos and strange tranquility, has become a major tourist destination. The place is flooded with people fr...  |   |  

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